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Kubecost after a month

About a month ago, I wrote Kubecost vs. Opencost.

Kubecost vs. Opencost
Yesterday, I talked about using Kubecost and Opencost to break down Kubernetes costs by namespace, product, service, etc. I’ve evaluated the two tools and ultimately decided to go with Kubecost. Opencost is based on Kubecost’s cost-allocation engine, so they’re very similar under the hood. Some of…

Since then, I have saved almost 50% of my company's EKS (Kubernetes) costs.

Kubecost generated a report that said we wasted a lot of our node's CPU.

Essentially, we were bottlenecked by the amount of free memory and not CPU so that we could switch to a more efficient instance type for the nodes on AWS.

Overall, Kubecost was worth the small amount of time spent invested in setting it up.